This girl is always exploring more! Whether it's a new summit, a double black diamond ski run, or the navigating the realms of creative marketing- I'm always pushing to go to the edge of exploration! 

After graduating from Christopher Newport University (Newport News,Virginia) I had a deep desire to jump into some newness and drive across the country for an adventure. This free spirit of mine lead me to live in Salt Lake City, Utah embracing the culture, the art, and the freshness of the mountains for a year.

I strongly believe that the inspiration behind creativity comes from exposing yourself to a variety of experiences along the way. As I continually traverse along new paths, I make it a practice to weave the unique perspectives that life gives me into my work of art and marketing! 

As an Enneagram 3w4, I have a deep desire to achieve highly- all while putting a creative spin on things. A passion of mine is helping build a brand, and finding unique ways to leverage that creation in ways that no one has thought of before! 

With that being said- if you're like me and find yourself wanting to go to the edge of today's marketing world together, give me a call! If i'm not climbing a mountain, I should have reception 😉

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