Photo of Coleen Kinen-Ferguson

Coleen Kinen-Ferguson

Copywriter Team Lead

Word enthusiast. Amateur acrobat. SEO champion.

My favorite activity is re-writing the same sentence 15 times to make sure it really hits home. Just kidding, but I am extremely passionate about crafting creative, hyperlocal, and results-driven copy for my clients. I believe that persuasive content sells, good verbs can generate even better leads, and on-point SEO is the easiest way to hack Google.

As the copywriting team lead at Dakno, I’m responsible for creating winning content for my clients and managing a team of remote and in-house copywriters. When I’m not busy dissecting a sentence for proper grammatical structure, I’m probably sipping cold brew or working out. I like to fly high doing aerial acrobatics, find my chill with a vinyasa, and take long meandering walks… to the fridge.

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