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Personalize, Customize, Format and Brand your Emails

Email Marketing is a Must

We often hear people ask, "Do I really need to be doing email marketing?" The answer we always give is a resounding "YES!" for two main reasons:

  1. Email marketing has the highest ROI (Return on Investment) of any form of digital advertising
  2. Leads convert faster when they're receiving consistent followups

Unless you're planning to manually followup with every lead that comes in, then you should absolutely be leveraging email marketing. It's a sure fire way to increase your conversion, and the best part? It's free!

We understand the importance of automated followups for growing a real estate business, that's why we've incorporated email marketing functionality into DaknoAdmin that is specifically tailored to work in the field of real estate.   

Advantages to creating an email campaign using Dakno’s Admin tools

  • Build brand awareness: Maximize your brand recognition with consistent imagery such as a headshot, your logo, and content style
  • Drive more traffic to your pages: Get more clicks on that call to action by showing off that new content page and upload attractive images to grab their attention
  • Improve your SEO:  Even though email campaigns do not directly affect your SEO, the content you share here will resonate with the reader and prompt a later Google Search
  • Tracking capabilities: Track the effectiveness of the email campaign by leveraging tracking URLs when users jump between their cell phones, tablets, and computers, creating synergy between your email marketing and the CRM
  • Build social strength: By including links to your social media pages, you are making it easier for followers and subscribers to share your content

How can you customize your Dakno emails?

We encourage all of our clients to send emails that are personal that sound as if they are coming from the agent to just one person. 

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