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Coaching and Consultation From A Different Perspective

When it comes to helping your business succeed, the marketplace is filled with many website designers and SEO consultants offering to take your business to the next level. No doubt you have many options to grow your business. Here at Dakno Marketing, we prefer to educate you allowing you to make smarter decisions about your pressure - just the facts. Do we want your business? Of course we do! At the end of the day, it's all about you "fitting" with your marketing partner giving you the best opportunity to enjoy greater success.

A Systematic Approach To Success!

As your marketing department, before we make any recommendations, we listen. Conducting a thorough needs analysis, our marketing coaches and account managers will develop a deep familarity with you and your market. Our team will review and consult on the following areas of your business:

  1. Domain Name Selection & Consultation
  2. Target Market Indentification
  3. Personal Branding versus Service Branding
  4. Brand Development (including logo design & tagline development)
  5. Site Map Development
  6. SEO Best Practices
  7. Viral Marketing Concepts
  8. Website Evaluation with Dakno's WebAssess TM
  9. Website Traffic Analytics with Dakno's WebEnsure TM
  10. Unique Site Interaction Opportunities

Any and all of these disciplines are available to you via one of Dakno's 5, 9 or 15 hour Monthly Marketing Retainer packages or on an hourly bases. To schedule your initial Dakno consultation, contact us today.

You Don't Have to "Take Our Word For It"

If you aren't quite sure about signing up today, visit our real estate blog. Here we offer free resources, marketing strategies and technology tips to increase your business and enhance your online presence. If our way of doing business has you thinking we are different from all the other real estate web site development companies, it's because we are! Visit our About Us page for the scoop on why, and to find out why we think our clients should follow suit. Be sure to read what our existing clients have to say about how working with Dakno and how it has improved their business as well.

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